Share Your Birthday

A very thoughtful local family brought us the idea of sharing a child’s birthday.  The parent said, “My child already has everything he needs.  We want to have a party, and we know that our friends will want to give presents.  We do not need twenty new games.  Is there anything you need?”  That little seed started the “share your birthday” idea.  Kids still have parties and gifts to open, but they can designate something to share, or share their whole birthday.  We will give them an online thank-you (or a written thank-you letter or certificate, as preferred by the family).  See what some have done below.

Teen Making a Sweeter 16th Birthday Wish  Anna's Sweet 16 Birthday

Anna decided that it would be fun to share the joy of her Sweet 16 Birthday Party by including her family and friends in helping others.  Anna collected school supplies, games and toys to share with foster youth.  Anna’s family has a tradition of celebrating birthdays by sharing with others.  Her sister also helped foster youth for her Girl Scout Silver Award.  What a positive family tradition. Thank you Birthday Girl Anna, featured with helpers Caroline, Carolyn and Isaac.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dalton!

For little Dalton’s 2nd birthday, his family and friends came together to give back to their community.  Dalton and his family wanted to make his special day about something bigger than themselves, so they asked friends and family to bring bags and supplies to put together Fostering Hope bags for kids in foster and kinship care in Milwaukee County.  Their goal was to make bags for ten kids, but the overwhelming response for help brought in enough supplies to make Fostering Hope bags for thirty kids!  All of these bags are for kids ages 2 or 3 who are entering care or transitioning to a new placement.  Thank you, Dalton, for building a better future for kids your age!

Happy 5th Birthday, Olivia!

Little Olivia has shown us what a big heart she has! She donated presents from her 5th birthday party – including dolls, games, toys, and fun activities – to Kids Matter so that kids in foster and kinship care can have something special to call their own. Thank you so much, Olivia, for making your birthday about others!

Happy 6th Birthday, Julianna!

Julianna celebrated her 6th birthday by giving back to kids in her community!  She invited friends to a birthday party and asked that instead of bringing birthday presents, they bring pairs of pajamas for children in foster care.  Julianna donated all of the pajamas she collected to Kids Matter Inc. so that the pajamas can go to kids who truly need them. Thank you, Julianna, for making your birthday special for kids in foster care.  You are generous beyond your years.  Happy Birthday!

Five-Year-Old Reed Reaches Out

What do most five-year old boys seem to want for their birthdays? Exciting toys, action figures, games, and a party, of course! Five-year-olds are not expected to be selfless and humble about what they want. Not ordinarily… Reed is no ordinary five-year-old. To celebrate his fifth birthday, Reed’s friends and family gave him games, puzzles, toys, books, and other fantastically fun gifts—all of which Reed decided to give to kids in need. Some kids do not get the chance to celebrate their birthdays with a party and presents, but Reed’s kindness will show them that someone cares. Thank you, Reed, for helping to build a better future for kids. You are generous and thoughtful beyond your years. Happy Birthday from all of us at Kids Matter!

Happy 7th Birthday COLE!

It isn’t every day that a 7-year-old decides to share his birthday with local youth in need. But then again, it isn’t every day that we meet such a young man as nice as Cole With support from his friends and family, Cole collected a large variety of toys. He made sure to share his feelings on how cool he thinks the Star Wars action figures are. We are sure the Kids Matter youth that receive them will agree! Thank you Cole for sharing your cool toys with so many other kids. You are a Champion for Children!