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2015 Newsletters

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2014 Newsletters

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2013 Newsletters

Black Excellence Award and Child Welfare in the News

Celebrating Black Excellence Congratulations, Lance!  Our own Lance Jones, J.D. will be receiving a Milwaukee Times 2013 Black Excellence Award. Please join us in celebrating Lance’s recognition as a leading child and youth advocate. 28th Annual Black Excellence...

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2012 Newsletters

Resources for CASA Volunteers

Foster Care: New Health Care Model for Kids Seeks to Better Identify Abuse, Neglect  Child welfare officials admit the existing system is not meeting many kids’ needs. The children’s health records are often incomplete and scattered among the many caregivers and...

Thank You, Adult Guardianship and Teen Resources

Thank You for the Facebook Love Thank you voters!  We appreciate your support.  While we did not win, we did very well for this first ever Facebook campaign. 150 local charities were nominated for the Chase award.  Catholic Charities received the most votes locally,...

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2011 Newsletters

National Family Caregivers Month

Kids Matter says “Thank you” to all Grandparents for National Family Caregivers Month “The true strength of the American family finds its roots in an unwavering commitment to care for one another.” President Barack Obama, National Family Caregivers Proclamation Every...

Workplace Giving

Making a Difference is Easy with Community Shares Kids Matter would be nothing without the countless time, energy, and resources community members like you put into helping “our kids”.  Another equally impactful way to make a difference that you might not know much...

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2010 Newsletters

Thanks for 2010

A Special Thanks to You Thank you For filling your heart past maximum capacity Your tenacity knows no bounds Arms sweeping around fragile frames Labeled Discards, Disgraces, Despicable You name us Fantastic, Friend, Future Your smile illuminating our darkness Eyes...

A Spirit of Compassion and New CASA Podcast

Dear Friends, We are blessed with a wealth of holiday events, opportunities for our kids, and news. In order to keep the newsletter a manageable length while keeping you informed, we will be sending out extra newsletters and tips in December. With two holiday parties...

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