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Why You Matter

Here’s a message to inspire us all!

The students at St. Anthony’s Parish School are making a difference for foster children. They collected 197 stuffed animals. Check out the Mannequin Challenge from the 4th grade.

Kids, you have a friend at St. Anthony’s!

Warming Our Hearts

Check out these smiles! These young leaders are doing their part to make sure children in Milwaukee feel loved! Learn more... A giant-teddy-bear-sized thank you for making this day heartwarming for our kids! Victoria, Heather, Emily, Grace, Kate, Katrina, Caroline, Mia, Alexa, Leah, Libby, Megan, Liz, Allie, Aubrey, Grace, Abby, Lauren, Zoe, Ella, Kayla, Greta, Niya, Phoebe, Sophie, Margaret, Sarah, Ilana, Sentibel, Claire, Olivia, Ava, Ines, Grace, Kathleen, Emily, Finley, Grace, Kayla, Jacob, Ben and Mariana – you are our special Valentines!


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