Meet Our Volunteers

Remembering Dosha DJay Joi

DJay with CASA Program Manager Lance Jones and Kids Matter Executive Director Susan Conwell in December 2019. Please read messages about DJay submitted by community members, friends and colleagues in

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Meet CASA Volunteer Sarah

Sarah with her two kids Micah, 5, and Max, 1. “An office job scares me,” says CASA volunteer Sarah Matuszak. Yet Sarah isn’t intimated by fighting fires or saving lives. For

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Meet CASA Volunteer Debbie

Debbie picks up art activities for her CASA youth, Olivia.* Helping Youth Overcome Isolation Debbie has advocated for several CASA children over the years and her persistence and commitment extend

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Meet CASA Volunteer Carly

Carly with her two nieces Arianna Rose (l) and Bayleigh (r). Carly says, “I LOVE being an aunt to 10 goofy, energetic, life-giving nieces and nephews. They embody the all

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Meet CASA Volunteer Kalie

Kalie with her son and husband. Kalie Bach is a Woman of Action. She joined the National Guard when she was 17. At age 21, she became a non-commissioned officer

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Meet CASA Volunteer Kristie

Kristie with her husband Terry, daughters Hannah and Khia, mother-in-law De at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When Kids Matter CASA volunteer Kristie first met 8 month-old Evan*, he was

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