Housing Choices

Independent Living

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families’ independent living programs are designed to help foster youth and former foster youth learn basic living skills (like money management, cooking, and decision making), look for jobs, and find housing and health care. These programs can also provide information about obtaining high school or college degrees.

Milwaukee County residents can call or e-mail Lauren Washington at the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services to find out more (414) 343-5718, [email protected] . If you are located in a county other than Milwaukee you can click here for a list of Independent Living Coordinators by county/tribe. Lad Lake also offers independent living programs in Milwaukee (414-332-2690).


Looking for housing is exciting, but it can also be scary. Once you find housing, you are responsible for your rent and other living expenses, such as food and clothing. If you are ready to look for a place to live on your own but aren’t sure where to start, there are programs that can help you in all stages of the process.

You can contact the State of Wisconsin Bureau of Supportive Housing for assistance by calling (608) 266-7531.

If you haven’t planned ahead or can’t find housing, you may want to consider a homeless shelter as temporary housing. One option is Hope House Milwaukee (414-645-2122). Another option is Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center (414 647-8200), which offers temporary shelter to youth and a Transitional Living Program for homeless youth ages 16-21. Walker’s Point programs are not available to youth with open Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) orders through Children’s Court.