Fostering Healing

Are you raising kin children in Wisconsin?

When family members step in to help care for children, either temporary or long-term, they often have questions and need information.

“I can’t get my granddaughter on my medical insurance, now what?”
“Some people are telling me to adopt, others are saying guardianship is okay.”​
“Do I qualify for financial assistance or daycare benefits?”
“The school won’t let me change his bus route because I am not a parent or guardian.”
“My landlord needs documentation that my great-nephew is in my custody.”
“My grandson needs a medical procedure but they won’t see him without parental consent.”

How we can help you

Our Fostering Healing experts – therapists, legal advocates, social workers, and resource specialists – support abused and neglected children, including those in foster and kinship care. All of our services are voluntary and free.

  • Caregiver support and education regarding child behavior and adjustment; assessment of need for medical, mental health, education and legal services; support groups and navigating complex systems
  • Legal advocacy and representation
  • Emergency support with school placement
  • Assistance with Crime Victim Compensation
  • Collaboration with other service providers
  • Through the Child Trauma Project, licensed clinicians provide in-home and community-based trauma focused therapy for children, safety planning for vulnerable children, and crisis and short-term counseling

Our program does not replace formal child welfare services. Rather, we support and supplement those services by working in collaboration with the child welfare agencies when appropriate.