"I am a foster youth with the potential to do everything I dream of doing. And there are thousands more like me."

-Jessica H.

I am for the child who is too often forgotten.

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Because Every Child Needs Someone In Their Corner

Our motto defines who we are and what we do. Every child needs someone in their corner.  It is best if that someone is the child’s parent. But what about the one in ten children in America today who are raised without either parent in the home?  We are here to help all of the relatives, friends and neighbors who want to keep children safe.  We are here for community members who see children impacted by abuse, neglect, violent crime and addiction and need help navigating child protection, criminal reporting or just figuring out how to get help.

Do you want to be that “someone” in a child’s corner? There are so many options for getting involved or lending a hand.  Think about what a child would do to help you. Watch our video for inspiration.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Change Lives

“Being in foster care is living in a constant state of flux. Homes, schools, families…everything is always changing, often suddenly and without warning. The only constant was my CASA volunteer. Without her I would have been lost in the system.” MELISSA, FORMER FOSTER YOUTH

“National CASA is an organization of people with a proven record of service, excellence, high standards, determination and an unwavering commitment to abused and neglected children and to advocating for justice for all children.” JUDGE JOYCE WILLIAMS WARREN (RETIRED)

Everyday Heroes for Children

    Thank You Troop 1622!
    July 21, 2017
    Girl Scout Troop 1622 truly lived up to the Girl Scout promise to help people at all times when they organized a fundraiser to...
    Happy 10th Birthday EJ!
    April 19, 2017
    Ten years old and ready to make a difference! EJ is dedicating her 10th birthday to helping foster youth. She collected 22 new sets...
    Thank You & Happy Birthday Melisa!
    April 14, 2017
    Thank you and Happy Birthday, Melisa! Melisa turned her birthday into a better day for foster youth by asking her friends and family to...
    Kids Matter on Dr. Phil
    March 29, 2017
    Thank you Dr. Phil! Several new CASA volunteers joined the Kids Matter CASA training through the Dr. Phil show. Watch the video!

Upcoming Events

  • Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Fostering Futures
  • Fostering Hope


  • Do it longer
  • Giving Back 2011
  • Eye to Eye with Jessica H. and Susan Conwell from Kids Matter Inc.