Thank You Troop 1622!

Girl Scout Troop 1622 truly lived up to the Girl Scout promise to help people at all times when they organized a fundraiser to collect pajamas and other items for foster youth. Congratulations to the troop for earning their Bronze awards. Girl Scouts rock!

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Happy 10th Birthday EJ!

Ten years old and ready to make a difference! EJ is dedicating her 10th birthday to helping foster youth. She collected 22 new sets of sweats for boys and girls, along with lots of new underwear. EJ and her family and friends really get what it means to put your best...

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Thank You & Happy Birthday Melisa!

Thank you and Happy Birthday, Melisa! Melisa turned her birthday into a better day for foster youth by asking her friends and family to share her day with kids. Melisa collected donations for Fostering Hope Packages so youth entering foster care would have a special...

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We Love Mattress Firm

We LOVE Mattress Firm! Lance and Santana spent this morning collecting a ton of school supplies and pajamas from the Mattress Firm warehouse, assisted by Jen and Randy. Thanks for helping our kids stay organized in class and warm and comfy at...

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