Foster Care

How does the foster care system work?

In cases where children may not be safe with their family of origin, Child Protective Services (CPS) looks to foster and adoptive families to provide appropriate temporary and permanent homes for children who cannot live with their parents (the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services in Milwaukee County). In order for this to occur, the CPS worker must go to Children’s Court to get a court order called a CHIPS (Children in Need of Protection or Services) order for the child to be placed in a foster home. These cases are transferred to and monitored by ongoing case managers (OCM) as long as a court order is in place. The OCM ensures the family receives the services it needs to work toward reunification or some other form of permanence for the child. The OCM is responsible for family assessment and permanency planning, as well as for providing services identified by the court to assist the child and family. Foster and adoptive families must be complete training and licensing requirements.

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