Kids Matter CASA

Kids Matter CASA is an organization of volunteers that advocates for abused and neglected children in Milwaukee County Children’s Court. A Court Appointed Special Advocate is an everyday hero like you appointed by the court to independently investigate the cases of these children and advocate for what is best for each child with the goal of a loving, safe and permanent home. Learn more.

Fostering Healing

Children who have been abused, neglected, lost a loved one to homicide, witnessed domestic violence or experienced other trauma often spend time being cared for by relatives or foster parents. Caregivers who are not legal guardians routinely face challenges getting help for the children they love. The Fostering Healing program helps educate caregivers and the community about the impact of such circumstances on children. We help caregivers navigate complex systems and access supportive services so the children they love can heal and thrive. Learn more.

Family Connections

When family members step in to help care for children, either temporary or long-term, they often have questions and need information. The Family Connections program works with extended family caregivers of children in Milwaukee County. The goal of the program is to prevent child abuse, neglect, and placement in foster care when safe and appropriate. Supportive services are provided to enhance the resources, skills, and coping strategies of the caregivers, their social supports and access to resources within their community. Learn more.

Fostering Hope

Many abused and neglected children enter foster care with little more than the clothes on their backs. A Fostering Hope package gives a child a little something to call his or her own, and a little something to do while waiting for a placement. Our Fostering Hope program gives abused and neglected children a book, a toy, personal hygiene items and a little hope in their own new duffel bag.  Learn More.