Volunteer Attorneys

Kids Matter administers a volunteer attorney program. Through the program, we recruit and train lawyers to take guardianship cases on behalf of children on a pro bono basis.

Kids Matter also works to match attorneys who are interested in providing legal assistance in other areas of concern to our children and their families. Navigating the child welfare system, accessing support, health care and education are among the most common issues for our families.  Kids Matter provides training and technical assistance.

What if I have never handled a guardianship case before?

The staff at Kids Matter Inc. works closely with each attorney to match the experience of the attorney with the needs of the client. We also provide technical assistance and advice for the more experienced attorneys at each step of the process.

I work for a firm or as in-house counsel. I don’t carry malpractice insurance.

The State Bar of Wisconsin provides a number of services to attorneys who are willing to provide pro bono services to low-income clients, including professional liability insurance, expense reimbursement*, and free use of LexisNexis for legal research.  Contact Kids Matter Inc. for details or visit State Bar of Wisconsin.

I am a solo practitioner (or not currently practicing). I cannot afford to take on a pro bono case.

The State Bar of Wisconsin provides reimbursement for some expenses associated with litigation for low-income clients as well as free use of LexisNexis for research.  Kids Matter Inc. works to match clients to your level of time and interest.  Please call us before deciding not to participate in the program.

How do I learn more about child welfare law and related legal issues?

Kids Matter staff works hard to remain current on issues relating to child welfare on the local, state and national level. If you are interested in taking on more complex issues, please contact us.